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Implement a lean Innovation strategy,
rethink how innovation is funded and
learn how to manage innovation effectively

Over the past 10 years, lean innovation has improved innovation outcomes,
faster than ever, in ways that dramatically mitigate risk

Implement a lean Innovation strategy and mandate

Define Innovation for your organisation

Bring the principles, values and practices of lean innovation into your organisation

Establish the right mandate and vision for corporate innovation

Incorporate Innovative problem solving through Productive thinking

Build an Innovation portfolio that covers core, incremental and transformational offerings

Build Innovation ecosystems

Establish Entrepreneurship initiative

Work with customers on future offerings

Work with research centres, innovation hubs and higher education to renew and deepen your innovation capability

Create the right ecosystems around your innovation priorities for more sustainable innovation

Learn how to Fund Innovation

Rethink the way innovation is funded through metered funding

Distil your business drivers and strategy around customer, organisation and enabling technologies

Clarify the resources allocated to actual transformation

Manage the budget and activity to match your strategic intent

Learn how to manage Innovation

Migrate from incremental innovation practices to the deliberate
stimulation of directed innovation to bring about radical,
transformative or systemic innovation

Understand the innovation practicalities for repeatability and impact

Provide organisational focus and direction

Understand essential organisational change capability

Move beyond sporadic innovation projects to systemic innovation. Scale innovation without disrupting business and find the right balance.

Measure and track innovation outcomes

Create Innovation Processes

Establish the systems, processes and activities for turning ideas into value

Allocate and focus the appropriate resources

Embed mechanisms to understand customers’ needs, such as lean validation or customer-centered innovation

Leverage Continuous iteration and adaptability to fast-track product development

Establish Clear systems and criteria for selecting innovation projects

Integrate Innovation into your organisation

Integrate your Innovation portfolio with your vision

Promote an innovation culture across your organisation

Build an organisation-wide innovation structure for rapid decision-making

Break down silos and innovate across departments

Establish effective innovation programmes with funding and formal links to business units

Learn how to make innovation repeatable

Learn how to Manage Risk with lean innovation

Increase knowledge and capture learning from innovation projects

Develop a full understanding of failure and encourage learning

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